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As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. And this is also how we came up with the idea to manufacture baby bath pads back in 1992. After years of laboratory tests and trial studies, we have developed one of the best products to help parents bathe newborns and youngest infants.

Our careful attention to quality and design has been appreciated by parents in Poland, in Southeast Europe, and even in Australia and New Zealand.
State-of-the-art technologies, original design and attention to the quality of our products makes bathing and caring of children great fun, rather than a tedious chore.

Our products accompany babies every day, when they bath, play and sleep. The sense of safety and comfort have always been the greatest value for us. That is why the materials we use have all certificates approving them for everyday use. There is no compromise when it comes to quality. Over the years, our company has earned recognition of many customers and business partners in Poland and abroad who are the best judges