Mattress for babies up to 6 kg and 65 cm height. Universal for newborns and youngest babies. Made from colour sponge.






Intended for:

  • new-borns and infants up to 6 kg weight and 65 cm height,


More informations:


  • provide safe and efortless bath,
  • babies have the sense of stability and safety because they feel the support for their back,
  • owing to the pads, parents do not have to be afraid of the first baths and that they will be not able to hold a lively, soaped baby with one hand,
  • slight bending keeping the baby’s head higher than its legs will prevent the eyes and ears from spilling with water,
  • sponge pads may be used from the first days of baby’s life until the child is able to sit on its own,




  • width: 32 cm., lenght: 52,5 cm., height: 8 cm.