Mattress up to 6 kg and 60 cm height. Universal for newborns and youngest babies. Bathtub pads made of sponge help you to lay the baby safely and bathe it freely.

Dimensions: width: 22,5 cm., lenght: 43,5 cm., thickness: 7,5 cm.


MIDI mats available in three shapes: mouse, puppy and owl.

Thanks to the pads, babies have the sense of stability and safety because they feel the support for their back.

The pad immersed in water will enable to lay the baby safely and gently immerse it.

The adequate profiling of the sponge will prevent the baby from sliding.

Slight bending keeping the baby’s head higher than its legs will prevent the eyes and ears from spilling with water.

You can put the baby on the pad and bathe it freely with both hands. You can easily reach for cosmetics you need and clean even the most hidden corners of the baby’s body.

Sponge pads may be used from the first days of baby’s life until the child is able to sit on its own.

Pad is completely made of foam.