The carer /parent cannot leave the child during bath time under any circumstances!

Before first and next baths mattress must be disinfected, put in a big dish and pour boiling water (min. 2 – 3 l of water), then leave to cool down.

Pour water (about 37o C  temperature) into the clean bathtub, then put the mattress in it.


Recommended, maximum level of water should not be higher than thickness of the mattress, to prevent water entering into the child’s mouth.


After bath mattress should be clean properly in water with soap for infants,  and should be washed thoroughly. Then squeeze mattress curling delicate starting with the thinner side. It is not recommended to wring the mattress because it can results in cracks in sponge.


Washed mattress must completely dry. Dry foam prevents the growth of fungus and bacteria.

It is recommend to replace mattress after about 2 months or in the case of strong dirt.


Instruction of use and shape of the mattress reached through cooperation with Institute of The Mother and Child.